Is Classic Cleaner’s Free Pick-Up and Delivery really FREE?

April 15, 2014

YES!  Our free pick-up and delivery service is totally free.  We don’t upcharge the cost of cleaning or charge for miles traveled.  It’s completely free and it will save you A LOT of time (and money on gas).  It’s simple to use our twice a week home or office pick up and delivery service.




Picture 014STEP 1:  You Place

We will provide 2 large cleaning bags for all items you wish to clean.  Simply fill the bag and place it in the designated pick up area of your choice (home or office; front door, garage, patio, etc.).

VANSTEP 2:  We Pick Up

You can relax while we take care of the rest.



2009_0731pressesshirt0008STEP 3:  We Clean

Your items will be treated by whichever eco-friendly cleaning process that will produce the best results and then carefully inspected to ensure you receive your items back ready to wear.

Picture 123STEP 4:  We Deliver

After a final check for perfection, we will return your items Clean and Crisp on your next service day.


We travel from Zionsville to Greenwood & Center Grove and from Avon & Brownsburg to McCordsville and all the places in between – including Downtown Indianapolis!  See our route map here for the days we are in your area.

Sign up today to get started!

- S.O.




2014 Spring & Summer Fashion Trends

April 15, 2014

Soon it WILL feel like Spring.  We just KNOW it.  And when it does, we’re ready to try some of these wearable trends for Spring and Summer.







Nothing says “It’s Spring” like flowers.  Wear it with limited accessories like just a great pair of earrings or a structured bag.  Nude or metallic shoes or a pair that matches a petal or leaf on the print.

Minimalism – Black & White

black and white





This look is citified, cool and confident.  Skip accessories with this look – keeping it clutter free – with the exception of a basic belt or structured bag.







Girlie and gorgeous, this color is like the color of “Loves Baby Soft cologne”.  Shades of blush, rose and coral are flattering in the form of an airy dress or tailored jacket.  Accessorize with something a little tougher like a cuff bracelet or chain link belt.







Sparkly and luxurious embellishments are all over dresses, skirts, jackets and shoes this season.  No need for much jewelry since the clothing is accessorized enough.  Wear strappy heels or ballet flats.







Here’s how you can wear work out clothes all day and still look fashionable!  Just don’t wear a pony tail and pair it with strappy heels, not sneakers.







Glossy metallic can be worn evening or day and it’s not just for the Holidays!  Choose Easter egg shades of lavender, teal, and peach for spring and summer.  Pair a shiny shirt with white pants and a leather bag.







Wear a masterpiece with this seasonal trend.  No need to accessorize except for a bright chunky bracelet or a pair of funky shoes.

We’re not celebrities or models here at Classic Cleaners but we can work some of these trends into our wardrobe and have a little fun this season.

What Spring 2014 Fashion Trends will you incorporate into your wardrobe?

- S.O.


Wedding Planning Check List: 1 Month til the Day

April 15, 2014


Can you believe the big day is just a month away? Does it seem like just yesterday you got engaged – or have you been counting down the days? Well, the time has come and now you need to tie up loose ends and finalize all the wedding day particulars so you can spend the last few weeks at peace.

Here’s the final check points Real Simple recommends you tackle when your wedding day is just a month away:

  • Enter RSVPs into your guest list data base and phone people who have not yet responded. You could delegate this to a member of the wedding party. I’m sure anyone would love to help you at this point!
  • Get your marriage license. Check with your state on the length of the wait and give yourself some leeway. If you are changing your name, order several copies.
  • If you haven’t yet, mail the rehearsal dinner invitations. If the person hosting the dinner has been in charge all along, you can still politely ask if the invitations have gone out yet.
  • Make an appointment for your last dress fitting. Or, If you think your body may change even in these last few weeks, you may want to schedule another fitting the week of your wedding just in case. You can always cancel the appointment if the dress fits perfectly the week of your wedding.
  • Send out as many final payments as you can. It will feel good to get that off your plate, leaving room to focus on your honeymoon.
  • CONFIRM, CONFIRM, CONFIRM!! Call or email all your vendors including hair & makeup, transportation, DJ, etc. You can never have too much communication with critical wedding day participants.
  • After RSVPs are confirmed, plan your table seatings if you’re doing assigned seating. Real Simple recommends you draw out table shapes on a layout of the room. Write the names of female guests on pink sticky notes and the names of male guests on blue sticky notes so you can move people about without re-sketching the entire setting.
  • Purchase bridesmaids’/groomsmen gifts if you are giving them and write your vows if you are writing your own.
  • Need a final hair cut or thinking about changing the color? Do it now so you have a few weeks to get used to it. Avoid an Oops or a regret by not waiting until the last minute!



Spring Cleaning? Turn Your Clutter into Ca$h

April 10, 2014

GarageIs your closet or garage becoming a catch all for unused items?  Who’s ready to dig into that closet and garage and start cleaning house?  I am!

Even if you are holding on to “old” appliances and gadgets that you feel aren’t garage sale worthy, you can recycle them and make few bucks.  There are on-line and in-store programs that allow you to re-cycle your stuff so it’s put to good use and often give you payment or credit.

Here’s how to make money on*:


Old phones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets and digital cameras and other devices can be sold to and  Type in info about your item and see what it’s worth.  If you want other to “bid” on your item, use  Type in your data and get a range of offers from several buy-back sites.  If you prefer to deal face to face with an individual, try Best Buy, Apple, and RadioShack.  They each have buyback or recycling programs.  Check out their websites for details.

Used Ink Cartridges

Check out to earn money on your used cartridges.  They will send you a check for between $.50 and $4.25 for certain brands.

Refrigerators & ACs

Go Green Indy offers FREE Appliance and Metal Pick-up and Recycling in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. They will haul away your old appliances at no charge and they can set an appointment with you to pick up your old appliances or metal for recycling.  All of the material they pick-up is recycled according to Indiana State guidelines and your appliances and/or metal is diverted from landfills.  Jaco Environmental has a few guidelines but when you participate in this program, they pick up and recycle your old refrigerator or freezer for free and you will receive a $30 rebate.

CDs, DVDs, & Books

If you want to unload old movies, music, books, video games, etc., may buy them.  Also try for fiction and non-fiction books.  If it’s a school text book published after 2010, visit  You could earn almost $20 for a popular text book.


We’ve talked extensively about consignment stores in our previous blogs but we just learned about H&M’s program.  This store will take two bags of clothing a day, in any condition, in return for two 15%-off coupons you can use toward purchases – one now, and one later.  The used clothing does NOT have to be H&M clothing.  H&M sends the items to a processing plant to sort for resale or to turn into raw materials to make new products.  (Now I know where to take my kids’ stained and/or torn clothing)!!  :-)

Online, (mentioned above in electronics) will buy back garments that are less than five years old from hundreds of well-known brands.  They’ll give you a free prepaid shipping label to send your stuff to them.

Do you know of any other places we can take our “old, used, unwanted” stuff that aren’t mentioned here?  Please share!

- S.O.



*Some Blog content sourced from Women’s Day Magazine